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It's FINALLY here!

We've been working hard to bring you guys the collection! 379 days! That's how long we've been working on this passion project. We hope you love and enjoy them just as much as we do. 

Our official launch date is April 21,2021. Subscribe to our email (located on home page) for early access and check out some of our favorite looks!


What colors will you have?

We will have about 10 different colors for our initial launch. We will constantly be changing colors and sizes so if you see something you like, buy it ASAP!

What is the fabric makeup?

The soft felt fedoras are made with wool

The hard brim/hard side fedoras and porkpie hats are made wit a suede type materials

Will there be sizes?

Yes, we have hats that range from Medium to XL. All of our hats come with a built in elastic to allow for a 2cm adjustment. 

    Size Chart:

  • Medium- 58-60cm
  • Large- 63-65cm
  • X-Large 65-67cm

What is the price range?

Our soft felt (easily bendable - typical Fedora material) - ranges from $35-45

Our hard brim hats range from $55-65

My head is big and I wear protective styles, will they fit me?

Yes! Our owner (@livin_fearless) wears XL on those days she wears her natural curly hair or has protective styling.